Finding the Perfect Bridal Gown | My Wedding Series

IMG_0385Finding the perfect wedding dress can be so tough! How do you choose?  I have heard stories of people trying on one dress and finding the perfect one! (Jaw drop)…Seriously?!.. Well, I knew from the start that I wouldn’t be able to do that.  I am so indecisive.  I psych myself out thinking ‘what if there is a perfect dress out there for me and I just haven’t tried it on yet’?  I had to make a decision eventually, so I wanted to share my process with you and my tips that helped me while shopping for the perfect dress for our wedding day.

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Finding the Perfect Venue in Wisconsin | My Wedding Series

This is my first post to start out My Wedding Series!  I am so excited to share with you my journey of wedding planning, from start to finish.  First up, THE ENGAGEMENT.

You’re ENGAGED! Now what?IMG_1609

After all of the excitement dies down from celebrating your engagement with family, friends and coworkers, you start to think, now what?  What’s first in the wedding planning process?  It’s different for everyone and although I read millions (that’s a little bit of exaggeration) of articles on the step-by-steps of wedding planning, I still felt like I wanted to start where I felt most comfortable.  For me, finding my wedding venue was NUMBER 1 on the list, and my fiance agreed.

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